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In fact, Corinth’s many cosmopolitan pornai, or prostitutes, were slaves purchased by wealthy Greeks and dedicated to the temple as a form of religious offering. The building would appear to have been what is known as an octastyle temple with thirteen columns on each side and eight columns at front and rear. Although, built in 449 BC, it is almost fully intact even today. On some of the columns are inscribed the names of the donors who presented them to the temple. The Temple of Aphrodite Urania is a temple located north-west of the Ancient Agora of Athens, dedicated to the Greek goddess Aphrodite under her epithet Urania. The temple of Hephaestus, or Hephaisteion, situated on a hill overlooking the ancient Agora in Greece, is one of the classic Greek temples. According to the second story, however, Aphrodite rose from the foam of the sea. The first is simple: She was the child of Zeus and Dione. Here is detailed information on this beautiful structure. Unlike some of the other public buildings in Aphrodisias, the Temple of Aphrodite are just ruins today. The temple was peripteral, surrounded by a pteron of 42 monolithic, limestone columns (6×15), over 7 m. high. Later in life, Hephaestus was ordered to marry Aphrodite by … In the 1st century B.C., Aphrodisias came under the protection of the first Roman Emperor, Augustus, and this initiated a period of prosperity and growth. The Temple of Apollo is a Doric peripteral temple, 6 X 15 columns, constructed ca. The temple was built around the early 5th century BC. In this way, the Temple of Aphrodite was converted into the Cathedral of St. Michael, a church of basilical plan and one much larger than the columnar pagan temple it replaced (28 X 60 m). In a Corinthian myth related in the second century CE to Pausanias (Description of Greece ii. It was an Ionic temple and designed in the hellenistic manner of the architect Hermogenes.

Geyre Beledesi, Turkey. As the legendary birthplace of the daughter of Zeus, Paphos became the centre of the Aphrodite following.

Temple of Apollo at Delphi. Aphrodisias (/ æ f r ə ˈ d ɪ s i ə s /; Ancient Greek: Ἀφροδισιάς, romanized: Aphrodisiás) was a small ancient Greek Hellenistic city in the historic Caria cultural region of western Anatolia, Turkey.It is located near the modern village of Geyre, about 100 km (62 mi) east/inland from the coast of the Aegean Sea, and 230 km (140 mi) southeast of İzmir. Get more facts about Aphrodite by reading the following post below: Temple of Apollo Doric columns. Hephaestus is the Greek god of fire, metalworking, blacksmithing, forging, and masonry. According to the archeologists, the temple was built around 450 B.C. Cool Facts About the Temple of Hephaestus – The Greek God of Fire. This Temple housed the cult image of Aphrodite of Aphrodisias and the sanctuary was the most important site in the city. The Temple of Aphrodite Urania is located northwest of the Ancient Agora of Athens and northeast of the temple of Apollo Epikourios. The American School began excavations on it in 1929.