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Symphony of Psalms on December 19, 1930, with the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the chorus of the Cecilia Society (trained by Arthur Fiedler). Died April 6, 1971, New York City. Igor Stravinsky: Symphonie Of Psalms (Revised edition 1948): Mixed Choir: Vocal Boosey and Hawkes Stravinsky's Symphony Of Psalms in the 1948 revised edition - this is the vocal score for SATB chorus with a Piano reduction of the orcherstral material. View the Wikipedia article on Igor Stravinsky. A double fugue suggests the way of God – not majestically Baroque, but factual, inexorable, Byzantine. Igor Stravinsky . Symphony in C . List of choral works There are no scores available at this time. Igor Stravinsky - Symphony of Psalms Igor Stravinsky Born June 17, 1882, Oranienbaum, Russia. The "Symphony of Psalms" was written in a time of great tension between the two world wars and it was also a time of great tension in Stravinsky's life. Symphony in 3 movements (2) Symphony in C (1) Symphony in E flat, Op. There are, of course, the Pater Noster of 1926 and the Credo of 1932, but the only really sizable work in an explicitly religious vein that appeared before the Mass of 1947 is the famous Symphony of Psalms for chorus and orchestra that Stravinsky composed in 1930, to fulfill a commission offered to the composer by Serge Koussevitzky during the final days of 1929. to compose what one wants to compose and to get it commissioned afterwards." Stravinsky composed Symphony of Psalms in Nice and in his summer home at Echarvines, France. Stravinsky began the Symphony in C in Paris in the autumn of 1938 and completed the score on August 19, 1940, in Beverly Hills, California. Le Roi des étoiles (The King of the Stars), for men's choir and orchestra (1912) Pater Noster (1926) Symphony of Psalms, for chorus and orchestra (1930, rev. . Born June 18, 1882, Oranienbaum, Russia. 1948) Credo (1932) A timeless "Aleluia" clinches the final impression of … The title page bears the dedication: “This symphony, composed to Died April 6, 1971, New York City. Please click here to add a new edition, or here for help. His infidelity was straining his marriage. 1 (1) Symphony of Psalms (7) Tango (5) The Firebird (5) The Firebird Suite (6) The Nightingale (4) The Owl And The Pussycat (1) The Rake's Progress (3) The Rite of Spring (4) Three Japanese Lyrics (2) Three Movements from Petrushka (2) Three Pieces for Solo Clarinet (2) Stravinsky Symphony of Psalms (Full Score) - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. . Symphony of Psalms The trick, of course," Stravinsky once told Robert Craft, "is . By far the best-known of Stravinsky's religious works, the Symphony of Psalms is formidably devout but never confessional.