she has been ill since last week

“Why are you eating these chocolates?” Tom’s mother asked. - She has. 2. - If. The following rules and examples should help to make matters clear. Correct: He has been ill three days. The teacher glued the pieces of the broken toy. I’m wondering whether coronavirus, or COVID-19, has been in the UK for months already. In saying The message was sent, the speaker will normally have in mind something like yesterday or last week. Incorrect: He has been ill since three days. Last night she did brave the icy weather to attend a Commonwealth reception in London in her first public appearance since she left hospital last week. or He had been ill since Monday morning .. and he still was ill. Past perfect ... followed by past, either expressed or implied. No sign-up required. REPHRASING FOR PAU EXAM. OR. “Don’t call me at work,” Mike said. ... Reported Speech – Answers A 1. said 4. ordered 2. suggested 5. apologised 3. advised B 1. a 4. b 2. a 5. b 3. b 6. b C 1. Present perfect ... followed by present, either expressed or implied. Jane said that she had been ill the previous week.

“Let’s have a picnic this weekend,” they suggested. I don’t have a computer so I can’t type the essay on English grammar. She's not been able to work (a RN) since Feb. She's run - Answered by a verified Doctor She's not been able to work (a RN) since Feb. Despite having been vaccinated she caught the flu. - The policeman said. 3. The present perfect is called 'present' for a reason. He has been ill since Monday. ‘Since’ and ‘from’ as Prepositions: The distinctions made in the use of these two prepositions need some attention. “I was ill last week,” said Jane. Test yourself with our free English language quiz about 'Past Simple & Present Perfect'. She started drinking too much alcohol two years ago. After since you use either a present or a past perfect. There’s three things that make me wonder about that. This is a free intermediate English grammar quiz and esl worksheet. - Although she “We will arrest them for illegal entry in the country”, the policeman said. 4. He has been ill since Monday morning ... and he still is ill. Our daughter (38) has been ill since the last week of Jan 2016. The speaker is talking about the situation now, a situation in which a past event has some bearing on the present.