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RiffTrax Live! Tickets to attend the live shows LIVE and in person generally go on sale 1-2 months before the show date. RiffTrax: Mike, Bill & Kevin is raising funds for RiffTrax Live 2019 - THREE Great Movies Riffed Live! What can I watch on the app? The stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000 Riff the social media phenomenon Sharknado in Sharknado: RiffTrax Live. For theaters near you, tickets, more info, etc., please go here: RIFFTRAX LIVE MST3K Reunion show If we end up planning a show for May, as an example, you can expect the tickets to become available in April. Everything in the $250 rewards package plus: attend the GIANT SPIDER INVASION Live Show in August as a guest of RiffTrax! It will be a blast to see this underwhelming monster face it’s fate. The RIFFTRAX LIVE Mystery Science Theater 3000 Reunion Show shown live on June 28 will be rebroadcast in movie theaters around the USA and Canada this Tuesday evening, July 12 (a.k.a. Will the live show be available to purchase? Giant Spider Invasion!

Hurry!). Nashville is where RiffTrax’s live show production company, Camp Digital, is based! RSVP on our Facebook Event page. Check out their videos, sign up to chat, and join their community. Will the shows air in Canada? RiffTrax Live is a shared comedy experience where Mike, Kevin and Bill "riff" a film LIVE onstage and it is broadcast LIVE via satellite feed to hundreds of movie theaters coast to coast. The rare exception would be if we do an R-rated movie, such as with 2013's Starship Troopers event (though we did "tame" some of the nudity with our critically-acclaimed "Gorillagrams" sketch). Brand New. RiffTrax Live: Octaman movie reviews and ratings - Winnipeg Movies rating of 5.00 out of 5 Stars. The stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000 riff the social media phenomenon Sharknado 2 in RiffTrax Live - Sharknado 2. Rifftrax Live Does Godzilla. The RIFFTRAX LIVE Mystery Science Theater 3000 Reunion Show shown live on June 28 will be rebroadcast in movie theaters around the USA and Canada this Tuesday evening, July 12 (a.k.a. Hurry!). Tickets are 100% guaranteed by FanProtect. FAQ: RiffTrax Live 2019 - THREE Great Movies Riffed Live! I have seen every MST3K episode multiple times, and am a big Rifftrax fan as well: I love and cherish them all. And it will be nice to see Godzilla take a pasting. You will be onscreen and thanked as part of the show. ← RiffTrax Live For the majority of our live show theatrical broadcasts, their regional availability is largely determined by the licensing and distribution capabilities of Fathom Events. That means, tickets for our next events are not available yet. We want to have our RiffTrax Live performances shown on every screen, in every theater, across Rowsdowerland and The Globe! at eTickets.ca What is RiffTrax Friends? Join Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett live and onstage at the historic State Theater in Minneapolis as they provide their hilarious commentary to The Asylum’s original shark-filled worldwide sensation in front of a nationwide audience. I think the best Rifftrax episodes are live, as is "Jack the Giant Killer," performed in front of a very appreciative audience in Nashville. Rifftrax Tickets are on sale now at StubHub. See reviews & details on a wide selection of Blu-ray & DVDs, both new & used. Last updated: February 28, 2017 13:07 8 articles → The RiffTrax app → What is the RiffTrax app? Get notified when RiffTrax performs near you! Shop with confidence. Rifftrax Live Time Chasers Coloring Book Mystery Science Theater 3000 MST3K See more like this. jadedskeptic: Coming next week the people behind Rifftrax will be presenting a live riffing of Godzilla…the really bad 90’s one. , our series of live events that are broadcast to hundreds of screens simultaneously. From Canada. Amazon.ca - Buy RiffTrax: LIVE! Keep checking this page for any updates, and also @CineplexMovies. Fathom Events is the home of cinematic experiences that offer high quality, affordable entertainment events broadcast to the big screen. Therefore, it makes sense for us to host the shows there, too, as it means Camp Digital doesn’t have to travel very far to bring RiffTrax Live shows to you. Watch. Buy It Now +$7.41 shipping.