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Amazon's Choice for rail dust remover. the rail car is made of steel and iron and rust dust on the rail car, which blows on your new car. Start with taking a rail dust remover such as Iron X and cover your entire car in it. Iron X by CarPro is an acid-free, pH-balanced iron remover that decontaminates auto paint and wheels. It smells sooo good you almost want to lick your car. 99. A guy at work asked me to remove some "rail dust" from his newish RX330. Post by jmaherlax31 » Tue Mar 15, 2011 10:18 pm I had rail dust on my white truck and the dealer did an "acid wash". Rail dust or brake dust in embedded in your clear coat can spread (as it rusts) into deeper layers, from which point it will bubble and self perpetuate. Then pre-spray the car with a mild alkaline cleaner to neutralize the acidic rail dust remover.

So, in order to remove brake dust that is stuck onto metal, you must get creative or introduce some chemistry. CarPro Iron X Iron Remover 500 ml. 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,977. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. it sounds like your car has a fine coating of rail dust. I've always done rail dust removal with claybar and elbow grease but that iron-x looks like some fantastic stuff. Even then, they rarely know the cause. Industrial Fallout & Raildust Removal By Danny Argent 10th January, 2004 Photos updated 19th December 2005 .

Anyway i thought that i … CarPro Iron X Iron Remover 500 ml with Sprayer. I sat outside during some nice weather during my last dealership visit. - Remove harmful iron deposits and protect your paint! Safe on paint: great for rail dust removal "No Touch" Wheel Cleaner Available in Gallons & 5 Gallon Containers Contains no caustic, acid or bifluoride. But in truth, tiny particles of metal are deposited onto our roads every day from a variety of sources. Formulated with thioglycolate that chemically reacts with iron in brake dust and rail dust. After you are done, another good wash and very good waxing is recommended. Top 10 Rail Dust Remover – Cleaners. How to Remove Rail Dust with CarPro IronX and a Clay Bar by Addison Good. $21.99 $ 21. Related: How to remove rail dust .

CarPro - Safe for all surface: safely breaks down ferrous metallic contamination on any type of wheel types, clear coat finishes, gloss paint, chrome, polished metal, and glass.
Safe for all wheels. The sooner the better. SIMONIZ Iron and Fallout Remover quickly and safely removes rust and discolouration caused by brake dust and other impurities such as acid rain Restores paint t SIMONIZ Iron & Fallout Remover, 473-mL | Canadian Tire CarPro. The rail dust is rusty metal and can hurt your clear coat if not removed. 1. but now it comes back every spring and it is the brake dust that is doing it now, so i have it buffed in the spring and when the brakes wear out i will go to ceramic. These rail dust removers include an active ingredient that chemically removes the rust stains and allows the tiny iron particles to “fall off” your paint. Formulated with thioglycolate that chemically reacts with iron in brake dust and rail dust. If you ever drop the clay bar, throw it away and get a new one.
All can be kicked up There are quite a few Thioglycolic acid based removers available: Iron-x, Korrosol, Sonax Fallout remover, Wolf DeIronizer, Dodo Juice Ferrous Dueller, and others. Contains no caustic, acid or bifluoride. So I brought my PC and some Meguiars stuff to work with me and I was able to clean the sides of the car easily with some Deep Crystal Cleaner.