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There is not much known about her, but she is shown to be the fastest learner in the group. Created by Jonathan M. Shiff, Mark Shirrefs. Tudo o que acontece em Homecoming você confere aqui. Mako: Island of Secrets series 1 was originally planned as a prequel to H 2 O: Just Add Water but as season two developed, the creator of the show decided it would actually be a sequel. Two new mermaids come ashore to try to break Zac's connection to their precious Mako Island, even as a new merman sets his sights on its powers. Watch Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure - Homecoming (s4 e16) Online - Watch online anytime: Buy, Rent Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure, Season 4 Episode 16, is available to watch and stream on Netflix. Homecoming Estreia: 27/05/2016 0 Mimmi e Zac têm novamente a visão, mas com algo a mais desta vez. Amaris is a young mermaid appearing in Season 3 of Mako:Island of Secrets. Mako Mermaids Staffel 3 Episodenguide: Wir fassen schnell & übersichtlich alle Folgen der 3. They are all part of the Mako pod. Staffel von Mako Mermaids für Dich zusammen. H2O: Mermaid Adventures 01x05 - Hotel na wyspie Mako . Mako Mermaids Transformations Season 1. Syreny z Mako - Pieśń Syreny (Mako Mermaids - Song Mermaid) Świat Disneya. 0:30.

0:45 Rikki Chadwick from "H 2 O: Just Add Water" appeared in the final two episodes of series three. Mako Mermaids - Transformations. Ondina and Mimmi, two young mermaids from the Mako pod, are determined to break Zac's connection to Mako Island and reclaim Mako for the pod. 24:33. 15:06. The mermaids use a moon ring on Zac to investigate his growing connection to Mako. When Cam takes the Trident to Mako behind Nixie's back, the mermaids realize that he intends to turn himself into a merman so he can rule Mako Island. Mako is a magical Island that a pod of mermaids call home. Caution: This wiki contains spoilers about the series. Mako Mermaids Transformations Season 2.

4:43. Red Carpet News TV. 5:12. Her three friends are: Naia, Ava and Jewel. Chai Hansen On Mako Mermaids H2O. F.D. 03x16 - Homecoming. The vision reappears to Mimmi and Zac, this time speaking to them. Sereia de Verdade na Jacuzzi … Mako Mermaids Season 3 Episode 10 | Mako Mermaids S03E10. Mermaid Sisters trailer (for mako mermaids for working hard on there videos! They know there's only one way they will be allowed to rejoin the pod: They must get legs, venture onto land and take back Zac's powers – or risk being outcasts forever.

The mermaids are played by Lucy Fry, Ivy Latimer, Amy Ruffle, Isabel Durant, Allie Bertram, and Linda Ngo. Her three friends are: Naia, Ava and Jewel. Mako: Island of Secrets (international title Mako Mermaids: An H 2 O Adventure) is the spin-off series of H 2 O: Just Add Water.. With Isabel Durant, Allie Bertram, Linda Ngo, Chai Hansen. 6:26. Navi.

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Mako Mermaids (2013) Official Trailer - (H2O spin-off) (HunSub) Filmow. Amaris is a young mermaid appearing in Season 3 of Mako:Island of Secrets. Dozabimiwu. The Spanish version of this wiki is looking for admins: Mako Mermaids Wikia.

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