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JR-East Train Reservation - Seat Reservation Service Online for Shinkansen and Limited Express Train in East Japan Region.

*If you purchase a JR Kyushu Rail Pass in Kyushu, Japan and purchased in JR Kyushu Rail Pass Online Booking: the age of the child will be as of the date when the pass is first effective. If you’re looking into reserving seats here’s what you need to know. Order your JR Pass online and you will receive an Exchange Order which you can swap for a JR Pass when you arrive in Japan. The credit card used when making the seat reservation must be the same one used when collecting the tickets in … In order to do this, you need to go to a JR office in the JR stations; otherwise, you can reserve your seats beforehand during the time that you exchange your JR Pass for the first time.

They simply have to look for a JR Pass ticket office (Midori no Mado Guchi) or a JR-affiliated travel centre to make the reservations.
JR Pass), JR East Pass, Tokyo Wide Pass, Sanyo Sanin Area Pass, Takayama Hokuriku Area Pass, Hokkaido Rail Pass and Kyushu Rail Pass, you MUST turn in your exchange order to the actual Pass before booking your seat.You have to show your pass when you make a reservation. Eligible trains include the Hokuriku Shinkansen (Tokyo-Kanazawa), Shinkansen, and major limited express trains in the JR East area north of Tokyo, as well as Shinkansen, limited express, and rapid airport trains in the JR Hokkaido area (some exceptions may apply). After activating your rail pass, take it to any JR ticket office and present your pass to make a free reservation. Reservations for reserved seating are accepted up to one month before boarding (starting at 10:00 am (JST) on same day of preceding month)! If you're traveling using a Japan Rail Pass, here's some travel advice for you to decide if you should make a reservation or not. Online booking is still very limited. Japan rail pass. With this service, you will not have to worry about not being able to ride a train after you arrive in Japan.

Customers who have purchased a JR Kyushu Rail Pass on our booking website can also reserve and purchase a reserved seat of the popular sightseeing train (before the reception of the rail pass) (available for a fee). The reserve seat on most trains can be reserved at Midori no Madoguchi only. Making seat reservations with your JR Pass.

Reserving seats & boarding the Bullet Train. You can do this as far in advance as you would like/is possible, or even just before you plan to get on a train.

Reserve basic fare tickets, Limited Express tickets, JR-WEST RAIL PASS, and more. Take Shinkansen (bullet train), express/airport train with JR Pass and save money. You can reserve and purchase a JR Kyushu Rail Pass on our booking website.
Fares and Charges for Children. Online in English. Online booking JR East Train Reservation.

Click“JR-EAST Train Reservation” *We recommend that you prepare with the following information before making a reservation. JR East's service is the only rail-pass-friendly one, but it only allows reservations for travel within the JR East (in yellow/green) and JR … Reservations and cancellations can be made during the following times: 5:30 a.m. to 11:40 p.m. and 0:20 a.m. to 1:40 a.m. (Japan Standard Time) System Maintenance Notice. Authorized Japan Rail Pass agent based in …