islam and technology

Consequently, the computer could be regarded as technology with many similarities to the notion of ‘the There are, however, Islamic scholars today who as we shall see in a mo– - ment – wish to promote modern science and technology in the light TRANSFER OF ISLAMIC TECHNOLOGY TO THE WEST PART II TRANSMISSION OF ISLAMIC ENGINEERING . With more embracing technology everyday, Islam is booming! Medieval Islam was a prosperous and dynamic civilization, and much of its prosperity was due to an engineering technology that assisted in increasing the production of raw materials and finished products. Islam. The phrase ‘the pen’ is not restricted to its literal meaning but entails a wide scope. How has technology and the 21st century impacted how we understand and practice Islam? Technology and religion: Islam, Christianity and materialism 376 Koers 76(2) 2011:373-386 ing the weapons technology imported from other countries.

For instance ‘the pen’ is a means to write, store, distribute, share knowledge or even mere passing of information. The pre-Islamic civilizations of the Near East and of all the lands extending from Central Asia and northern India to Spain were inherited by Islam; and under the influence of Islam and of the Arabic language, the science and technology of these regions were greatly developed and advanced.