how to write an educational philosophy

This essay focuses on my personal philosophy of education. In forming a philosophy a teacher searches for the wisdom to maximize the learning for all students. Essential Components of a Teaching Philosophy. A philosophy of education statement, sometimes called a teaching statement, should be a staple in every teacher's portfolio. Philosophy builds a framework for thinking and guides instructional practice. Either way, you should take the time to consider your personal philosophy and create a statement before you absolutely have to submit one. By writing it ahead of time, you can write without the stress of … It may be requested by hiring personnel at schools to be included with a cover letter and resume. This guide will help get started. Your personal teaching philosophy statement should include the following: Your perception of teaching: Here you describe what teaching means to you, your teaching processes, and how you can facilitate those processes as an educator. Your philosophy … It is easy to be swayed by the latest and greatest curriculum on the market or to stress when your student struggles academically . The same basic ideas and buzzwords appear in just about every teaching statement I have ever read. The Philosophy of Education Statement is an important piece in your educator portfolio. Teaching philosophy statements are unique to each individual and reflect contextual factors such as the discipline, influential mentors, personal educational experiences, type of teaching (graduate vs. undergraduate, large vs. small classes etc. A personal philosophy statement serves as an introduction to you, focusing more on your beliefs and values than on life experiences and biographical data. Sample Educational Philosophy Statements Sample #1 My Philosophy Statement on Education. I believe that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. Last week we looked at 20 Steps to your new online teaching CV, and this week I will explain what a teaching philosophy is, how to turn it into a statement to market yourself, and how to document it for the online teaching job search.. A teaching philosophy statement, whether … Even before that, you will (hopefully) need to write one for an education class. After a great deal of thought and discussion, here is what we came up with as a framework for thinking about and writing your philosophy statement. An educational philosophy statement or teaching philosophy statement is a brief essay that all nearly prospective teachers are required to write. Essential Components of a Teaching Philosophy. Developing a personal philosophy can be a deeply rewarding life experience. A homeschooling philosophy statement is a useful tool both for your own planning and for explaining what your student has learned to schools and colleges. Consider reading the Writing Center’s handout on fallacies. Forming your own philosophy is quite difficult, especially for beginners, but the rewards definitely make it worth a try. Teaching Philosophy When I think about my teaching philosophy, I think of a quote by Nikos Kazantzakis, Greek writer and philosopher. In a similar way, teachers live by philosophy.