how to make string font bold in java

=> I want string aa has color is reb and font: bold thanks in advance. That makes a big difference – Gabe Sechan Jun 8 '14 at 21:19.

Author has 1.1k answers and 1.3m answer views. When adding text, you can also set some of its properties. When I get certian value from the server I want to display that field as bold. ngthtra. String is a Java class in the java.lang package.

For ex:- string s="Monthly Report"; s.font.bold=true;(this statement is nt working for me) Thomas ktg 18-Nov-13 7:09am You mean you want to make a string to be bold? The 'bolder' value specifies to use a weight bolder than the parent, and 'lighter' specifies to use a weight lighter than the parent. This method returns the string embedded in the tag, like this: string… Hi kaj, i saw your go back to hem and tell him that it can't be done. The database data should remain in simple format. Setting Text Font and Color. The Font.font() method enables you to specify the font family name and size. thanks in advance. Use pipeline symbol “|” . is it possible to send like this. Thomas ktg 18-Nov-13 7:45am While you export from DataGrid, then you can set the DataGrid HeaderStyle to bold by writing like this. You need to set it in a spannable with a bold style.

The new Font is created with a point size of 1 and style PLAIN.This base font can then be used with the deriveFont methods in this class to derive new Font objects with varying sizes, styles, transforms and font features. So, you first need to convert String into StringBuffer and then use append ( ) method.
just like this “bold|italic”. The bold() method is not standard, and may not work as expected in all browsers. It can only be done when you are displaying the string in an ui.). This integer is commonly thought of as a point size; although that's not strictly correct, this book follows common usage and talks about font sizes in points. It just streams to the standard output stream so, in … In this article, we will learn how to make the font bold using JavaScript? Make String display bold or italic ... Is there a way that I can display a String in Bold (preferably) or Italics. just use “bold”.. Ho do I set the formatting in java…

This java example shows how to create bold and italic font using Java AWT Font class. Problem Description. Alternatively, you can add the bold html tags then use Html.fromHtml to get a string with spannables formed from the html – Gabe Sechan Jun 8 '14 at 21:23. Following example demonstrates how to display text in different fonts using setFont() method of Font class. To set the font, you can use an instance of the javafx.scene.text.Font class. The Constructor of the String Class is overloaded; it has 15 different possibilities. Add a Solution. Solution. ... Set font and color to string in textArea in Java.