how to build a gas tank motorcycle

If yours has one, you'll need to remove it. No dumping water, drying things out, welding and refilling with water to check the fix.

A DIY look at Welding an Aluminum Gas Tank with Baffles (Fuel Cell) Contributed By: Refer to the owner's manual on how to do this if you have one. See more ideas about Motorcycle tank, Cool bikes and Bobber. Then, drain the tank by suctioning out the gas or turning the tank upside down over a container. Most commercial gas station pumps are designed with four-wheel auto gas tanks in mind, and the safety shut-off valves are designed accordingly. Ron Covell is a master of stretching, bending and shaping sheet metal. The tank is made of aluminum and the workmanship is amazing. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 8 of 8 Posts. Gas tanks can get bent up in either kind of crash and the dents can be hard to fix. If not, you can apply these basic techniques: Unhook any gas lines, or vacuum lines, depending on the brand of motorcycle.

Ron was incredible and willing to customize the tank as needed. Over the passed few years I’ve been shopping for a “swap-meet truck” that I could use to buy or sell out of at the local swap meets. I purchased it directly from Ron. Only at, the official website for Custom Classic Trucks Magazine!

Pressure build-up in tank. How to Build Motorcycle Gas Tank Sides with Ron Covell. This is how I built an electric motorcycle.

He also teaches classes all over the country including at our own shop at the Eastwood headquarters in Pennsylvania. While it is much easier to just buy a premade fuel tank, for many of us and our projects that is just not an option.

Then remove the gas cap so the tank doesn't build pressure when you weld on it. Eastwood has several DVDs for sale in which Ron teaches you how to do the things that he makes look so easy.

Next, mix dish detergent and hot water, put it in your tank, and let it sit for 24 hours. How to build a sportster gas tank for gas tank with brass fuel sight gauge making a custom gas tank for our honda mgs custom motorcycle gas tank build.

I have put a video together to show how I make a motorcycle petrol tank and it is for the guys who want to have a go themselves--it's not a commercial video.

Unlike other dished tanks which cut … I'm self-taught and an electrician by trade. Eastwood has several DVDs for sale in which Ron teaches you how to do the things that he makes look so easy. Monday, February 13, 2012. Building an aluminum gas tank.

Unlike other dished tanks which cut …

Some motorcycles are equipped with fuel valves on the gas tank. We decided to get our mitts on two King Sporty tank shells ($74.95 each), two screw-type gas fillers ($36.95 each), and a couple of petcock bungs ($8.95 each) and see just how different we could make the tanks look from one another.

72 Volts, 70mph of pure fun. Gas Tank VW trikes differ from other 3-wheeled motorcycles by the fact that VW engines are in the back. Read about how easy it is to build a custom gas tank in this how to article. Dished Wassell Peanut Motorcycle Gas Tank - Frisco Tunnel. The dished Wassell style gas tank is a throwback to sixties show bikes. The cool thing is that you can immediately weld the pin hole and recheck for a leak in a minute or two. The manual says that it is a drain for the air cleaner and says that it might drain oil.

Dished Wassell Peanut Motorcycle Gas Tank - Frisco Tunnel. Industry pro Ron Covell discusses the design and fabrication of a custom gas tank for a new bike from Crime Scene Choppers. But Cycle Outlet has an immense inventory of undamaged and slightly damaged tanks that can substitute for the original. When you fill up a motorcycle gas tank with one of these, the safety shut-off valve will usually engage when your tank is only partially full. The tank is the Sampson Taildragger. (First Published In Hot Bike Magazine) ©Ron Covell 2005. The tank capacity is 4.4 US gallons bringing my total fuel capacity to 11 gallons when combined with the 6.6 gallon stock tank on the FJR.

The step by step strange journey to building a childhood dream.

How To Narrow A Motorcycle Gas Tank This article originally appeared on the LFTC forum, and was written and photographed by Flat Iron Mike.

The dished Wassell style gas tank is a throwback to sixties show bikes. I have an affinity for old barn-find type vehicles and I live for bringing them back from the dead. How to Build Motorcycle Gas Tank Sides with Ron Covell.

The original color was sort of maroon which I changed to silver after an accident, (that wasn't my fault), necessitated the replacement of the two most expensive painted parts; the gas tank and front fender. Step 1: Following up from last month after learning to pattern off an existing fuel tank, we now look at creating a buck to shape an original tank design.

Motorcycle owners face a constant struggle at the fueling pump.

Thanks to Mike for letting us repost his real nice how-to on cutting down and narrowing a Sportster tank. For this exercise I’ll create a buck from 3/8-inch plywood of a fuel tank for some early iron.