house of x and powers of x

House of X is the first piece in a gigantic puzzle that also involves a sister series called Powers of X.

Meanwhile, POWERS OF X covers mutantkind’s secret history. Meanwhile, POWERS OF X reveals mutantkind's secret history, changing the way you will look at every X-Men story before and after. In HOUSE OF X, Charles Xavier reveals his master plan, one that will bring mutants out of the shadows! With the release of Powers of X #6, Marvel has officially cemented its new status quo for the X-Men franchise. Last week's House of X #1 officially kicked off writer Jonathan Hickman's grand plan for the X-Men franchise. Stories intertwine on an epic scale as Jonathan Hickman reshapes the X-Men's past, present and future! They absolutely are separate, but by the end they collide together and coming out of that is kind of the new paradigm for the X-Men universe," explains Hickman. And it's a doozy. As the seeds of the past are sowed, the X-Men’s future blossoms into trouble. But House of X itself is only telling half of the story. But as Xavier sows the seeds of the past, the X-Men's future blossoms into trouble for all of mutantdom. Stories intertwine on an epic scale as the X … Writer Jonathan Hickman will launch two new X-Men titles starting in July, following the end of the current "Age of X-Man" story, as announced during the publisher's Next Big Thing panel at C2E2 2019. Writer Jonathan Hickman returns to Marvel for House of X and Powers of X, which will set up a new chapter for the X-Men franchise.

Collecting HOUSE OF X #1-6 and POWERS OF X #1-6.

The two titles are House of X and Powers of X, and will mark Hickman's first work for the publisher since the end of Secret Wars on 2016.Pepe Larraz will draw House of X while R.B. "HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X are two stories that act as one story. Marvel Unveils Jonathan Hickman's New X-Men Projects.

The X-Men are getting an upgrade in Marvel Future Fight, with a new update adding content related to the comic book series House of X and Powers of X to the mobile role-playing game/dungeon crawler.. Marvel Future Fight developer Netmarble revealed all the new content that comes with the Mutant-centric update, which is available to players now.