heyday films internship

Warner Bros. prides itself on giving meaningful experiences to our interns. Post projects for free and outsource work. Find out more about the cast and crew that have worked with Heyday Films. (Be sure to include your resume and work experience.) The company has offices in … Read about recent internship job postings, FAQs and the Warner Bros. recruitment process. Fill out the application form or download the PDF and bring into HeyDay. Heyday Films. Someone from our team should email you in for an interview. My duties focused on assisting the development team by reading samples and submissions, and writing coverage.

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You’ll gain knowledge about the industry while contributing hands on work for your respective departments. Other tasks included answering phone calls and greeting visitors. Interview at HeyDay… Heyday Films This was a four weeks unpaid internship. Heyday Films is a feature film and television production company owned by producer David Heyman (Harry Potter, I Am Legend).