can i sue greyhound for losing my luggage

How can I sue Greyhound for losing my luggage, considering the fact that 2 particular employees are directly responsible? There was a long line at the rest stop bakery and I told the bus driver to wait for me. u/curiouslittlepie. What type of lawyer can I look into to sue an airline for losing my luggage and refusing to pay for the lost luggage. Forgot your login details? 54. You might lose your luggage or it may get damaged. 4 months ago. Close . You may have already agreed to a disposition for lost … Sign in to Road Rewards. August 2018 I rode with Greyhound busses and on the way to my destination. The driver removed my two pieces of luggage from beneath the bus while I was on board. Claim Form If your item has been lost or damaged, please use this form to give us details of your trip, schedule #'s, and what happened. They are really rude and careless and I want to sue them for stealing out of my suitcase … Travelers need to keep an eye on their own carry-ons, even during a rest break. I was on a Greyhound bus and we stopped at a rest stop. Greyhound bus lost my luggage last year no compensation provided. Login to Road Rewards. Hi, Your Road rewards. Greyhound bus lost my luggage last year no compensation provided. For a complete summary of baggage rules or for more information, see your local Greyhound representative. Lost or damaged baggage; Ticket refunds & exchanges; Motorcoach Customer Bill of Rights; For feedback, questions or anything else: Contact us. The only type of baggage Greyhound won't be held accountable for is carry-on baggage. Checked baggage If any of your checked baggage goes missing or is damaged while being stored in the baggage compartment under the bus… Posted by. When I was walking towards the bus, the bus started driving again and the driver left me at … Greyhound's Policy. Prove proof of loss and I believe that Greyhound's maximum reimbursement is $250 and that the Interstate Commerce Act allows bus companies to set … With rare exceptions, the airline is not responsible for anything other than the actual monetary value of any items lost, damaged, or destroyed. You can use either your email or Road Rewards Member ID number to sign in. I lost my baggage on my way in one of the Flights of united airlines, and unfortunately they couldn't find my baggage by now, because of their mistake, I had a lot of trouble in the registration in my school and a part of this in other daily life. Is Greyhound liable for lost carry on baggage if they leave you at a rest stop? He waited for everyone. You need to read your ticket and claim procedure. I understand that small claims is not the way to go because I live NY and the airlines is based in UT. Greyhound will acknowledge claim, in writing, within 30 days of receipt. All claims for lost baggage will be settled within 90 days from date carrier received tracing form either by firm offer or denial. Can i sue greyhound bus service for lost luggage and for the money i paid to have it shipped. Greyhound lost my luggage on January 1 I’m just getting it back today on January 13, now that I have it back a lot of expensive stuff is missing.

They can review the document and determine what if any legal options you may take for your lost baggage. my luggage was lost after i ask why it wasnt on the bus i was boarding. What do you do? This guide will advise you of the basics of Greyhound's baggage policy and lost baggage procedures. Greyhound can’t accept any responsibility for any carry-on baggage that gets lost or damaged. More. Email or ID Email or ID. How can I sue Greyhound in small claims court? Negligence and personal … Take the ticket you purchased and any other documents you have from greyhound to any local civil litigation attorney. Password Password. Thank you for all your help. This contained all my … I lost my baggage,can i sue - Answered by a verified Lawyer. i would like to know the best way to follow through with this.