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It wouldn’t be wise to always upshift without the clutch on a dirt bike. In my experience with Dirt Bikes and Dirt Bike racing, I’ve come across riders of all experience levels. If you can get your bike into neutral and start out in 2nd gear – and pop it into 2nd gear without the clutch, then you have a fighting chance.

Braking without the clutch assumes that you can anticipate the correct gear and speed at which to carry you through the turn. Find no clutch dirt bikes for sale ads in our Motorcycles category. Are there any bikes large enough for her that have a no shift option (no clutch)?
So, you want to do a wheelie […] I would not recommend up shifting in motocross without nipping the clutch unless you want hit false neutrals or buy new trannys a lot. The new TVS Jive is a 110 cc engine bike featuring rotary gear technology and an automatic clutch. I say for now, continue using that technique until you learn the bike better. It wouldn’t be wise to always upshift without the clutch on a dirt bike. TVS Star City had clutchless shifting of gears. In my opinion, it would technically be slightly better to use the clutch any time you shift up or down gears on a dirt bike; however, the wear on the transmission, clutch, and gears is so slight if you don’t use the clutch that it’s really not a big deal at all if you never use the clutch to shift up or down. Whether the shifting is manual or automatic, that’s something a manufacturer can offer. How to Downshift on a Dirt Bike Safely With or Without Clutch. My wife is about 51 and 105 lbs. I have had a few people tell me that on their bikes or on older bikes once they get to the higher gears they can simply shift up without using the clutch. if you try to shift up or down without pulling in the clutch, the shift lever just does not move at all. If you broke your clutch cable, then it means that your clutch will be in engaged position and you don't have any mechanism to disengage your bike's engine from the remaining power transmitting elements. If your clutch and cable are serviced and working properly it's very easy to nip the clutch with one finger. A debated topic among newcomers and experienced riders alike is whether or not you need to use the clutch when downshifting on a dirt bike. To be sure, tap down about 5 or six times. By ‘bikes’ I’m assuming you mean motorcycles. The TVS Jive's four speed engine delivers a solid four stroke performance with 8.1 Bhp @ 7500 rpm and a torque of 8.1 Nm @ 5500 rpm. They taught you to pull the clutch in because it's safer to use that technique as a new rider. Downshift by slowing until the engine just begins to lug and then shift firmly.

I drive a 2002 V-Star and I simply cannot shift gears without pulling in the clutch. Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds. TVS Jive.