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Application portfolio management (APM) is designed after concepts of financial portfolio management. Application portfolio refers to an organization’s collection of software applications and software-based services, which it uses to attain its goals or objectives. A change in strategic focus will directly affect your portfolio management, which empowers you to make better investment decisions and … Rationalize apps and Lower app costs with ServiceNow APM. As your business and your IT environment evolve, the portfolio of applications you need to support the business becomes increasingly complex and difficult to manage. Inventory your technology and application assets, monitor technology obsolescence, manage IT projects, and prioritize them based on strategic alignment.

Proactively plan the entire application lifecycle from concept to deployment to retirement using Planview’s application portfolio management software. Effective application portfolio management tools are critical to making comparisons of competitiveness. Project management software and tools. An application portfolio assessment is almost impossible to do completely and correctly without having access to an honest and reliable solution. A crucial first step in APM is compiling a comprehensive list of applications in production. Successful Application Portfolio Management (APM) requires an inventory of your company’s applications together with metrics to understand their fit and value to the business.

Capture and evaluate project ideas from anywhere within the organization. Application Portfolio Assessment Template. Thanks to functionalities like LeanIX's Excel Import, its integrations with other IT Management Applications and open APIs, … Strategy-based portfolio management. Managing these resources is often referred to as application portfolio management (APM). ATM provides management with an inventory of the company's software applications and metrics to illustrate the business benefits of each application. Learn more. Application Metadata Management. Application Portfolio Management (APM) The foundation of any good IT repository is well-organized, consistent and interconnected data. APM best practices are supported through 15 years in partnership with over 300 deployed customers. Application Portfolio Management enables managers to track, manage, and analyze applications. The goal of Application Portfolio Management is to articulate a singular architectural vision to enable business goals, respond effectively to strategic drivers, conform with architectural principles and standards, and address the concerns and objectives of key stakeholders. Essentially the software equivalent of financial portfolio management, APM lets organizations oversee the applications that run their business much the same way investors track stocks and bonds in their portfolios. Configure web forms, workflows and integrations to ensure application metadata is kept current. Application Portfolio Management helps simplify application portfolios across the business and IT.

The concept of application portfolio management (APM) first emerged in the early 1990s, but its benefits really became apparent during the Y2K buildup. Easily model different portfolio scenarios to determine the best strategic path.