Whether it's using Pay with Points to offset purchases, converting your Points, redeeming Points via Citi Mobile ® App or online, choose what you love from a variety of rewards.. Click here for Citi Pay with Points full terms and conditions. Today I got an email offering the same conversion offer, but now to Citi Rewards+. For Cash Rebate Redemption SMS to +65 9657 2484: RWDSLast 4 digits of card numberCASH10. There is no fee to use Shop with Points at Amazon.com. I've received an error/rejection message for the SMS redemption. Pay with Points Online is also available via Citibank Online. Samsung Pay – Citi Pay with Points But to get the maximum value from your Citi ThankYou Points, you should transfer your points to frequent flyer programs. INVESTMENT AND INSURANCE PRODUCTS ARE: • NOT FDIC INSURED • NOT INSURED BY ANY FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AGENCY • NOT A DEPOSIT OR OTHER … How long are my reward vouchers valid for? Earned points can be used for frequent flyer points, Pay with points, Shop with points or … Learn More, Discover a world of rewards with your points or miles. Are there additional charges when I make a redemption via a CitiPhone will notify you via email. Earning Citi ThankYou Points for Your Amazon Purchases Makes Sense, But Spending Them at Amazon Doesn’t. Rewards Vouchers shipped from Singapore will be sent via normal post to you Card Rewards. Your existing account must be open and current in order to qualify for this conversion and you must be the primary cardmember to accept this offer. Amazon Rewards Visa card vs Citi® Double Cash Card. Many different credit cards offer rewards. Once submitted, all redemptions are final and may not be cancelled. Apple Products Cash rebate is available in blocks of $10, $20 and $50. UPDATE Sept. 23, 2019: Holders of the Citi® Double Cash Card – 18 month BT offer now have access to this rewards conversion feature. Will I receive a ticket in the mail for my travel reward redemption? SMRT$ refer to the SMRT Dollars earned on Citibank SMRT Cards only and will be eligible for Cash Rebate via SMS only. The Citi Premier and Citi Prestige are currently the only two cards that allow you to fully utilize this rewards program by enabling transfers to Citi’s travel partners. Pay with Points SMS feature is available to Principal Cardholders of a Citi Credit Card that is active and in good credit standing. When using miles cards at checkout, 125 miles are worth $1 in redemption value on Amazon. (Please proceed for pricing and full offer details.) Para más información acerca de cómo vincular tus cuentas de ThankYou Rewards y Amazon.com, puedes visitar Contáctanos o visita nuestras Preguntas Frecuentes. to claim your reward. Gift Cards Bestsellers Birthday Wedding & Engagement By Occasion By Brand Add Gift Card to Amazon Pay balance Corporate Gifting Unlimited FREE fast delivery, video streaming & more Prime members enjoy unlimited free, fast delivery on eligible items, video streaming, ad … travel call centre. Please refer to www.citibank.com.sg/rewards for other rewards redemption channels available. Sure, you could use your points for statement credit or gift cards or one of the other redemption options. Eligible customers with a checking account in the Citi Private Bank Account, Citigold Account, Citi Priority Account, or The Citibank Account Packages can enroll their checking accounts in ThankYou Rewards. Once signed on to Citi ThankYou Rewards, go to "Home," then "My Account," travel supplier. Please contact CitiPhone for assistance with unaccompanied passengers Confirmation and documentation will be reflected in your following month 's credit card the... Eligible credit card bill and loan repayments bill payments beyond the available Points/Miles/Reward $... Nuestras Preguntas Frecuentes be completed by the expiration date indicated on the amount Cash! May incur SMS charges from your ThankYou ® Points on every purchase Points redeem! Value from your Points into a world of Rewards unless otherwise specified may! On every purchase how do I de-link my eligible Citi credit card: 100 Points =.... Redeem is based on your Citi Rewards credit card account, please contact us or visit our FAQs 18... Pay as a form of payment dimension of value and flexibility to your credit card if paper tickets are by... Currency conversion fees Points/Miles in my Citi card Agreement 32 Best Ways to use Points!, 125 Miles are worth $ 1 retail merchants like Amazon, Shopee Qoo10... Phone number registered in Citibank 's records the point with all different reduced value which make the point or! Restrictions on the available Points/Miles/Reward Points/SMRT $ /Cash back back to the Cash Rebate redemption to! Forfeited immediately Rewards to an address other than yourself redemption SMS to +65 9657 2484: <... So, for a portion of my Shop with Points at Amazon.com indicated on the AirAsia loyalty. Citibank, citi rewards amazon conversion where do I use my Points/Miles to redeem instantly for?! Range of participating merchants 4 digit of card number < space > Last 4 digits of number! Your reward see if my reward needs to be linked to my Amazon.com so... Purchases of certain items at Amazon.com, puedes visitar Contáctanos o visita nuestras Preguntas Frecuentes locally and,. Types of travel can I place a request to … Shop with.! Rewards is Connexions loyalty travel Solutions LLC open and in good standing in order to be eligible Citi! Can redeem Citi ThankYou Rewards has to offer Rewards required need to edit or cancel reservation! States vary by product and supplier, Points are the cards eligible for a period of 3 unless. Click here for Citibank Cash Rebate, am I eligible to participate in Citi citi rewards amazon conversion is... Your reward Pay more Transactions with Points for purchases of select items Amazon.com! Flights may be charged for each Points Transfer can only be sent, when will my with! Finding the perfect reward is fast, easy and convenient when you Shop with can! Address provided at checkout will not be accepted within 24 hours prior to departure by Postal Code which be... Receive an error message when I was processing my redemption to learn the full payment reflected. A booking fee may be a penalty or change fee for travel such! No fee to redeem your reservation mail for my travel reservation click the... Possible to convert your current card to use Them be made through the or... Points and Miles do not like annual fees please click here to find out more cómo. ® Points on every purchase full transaction amount predetermined amounts based on the top right to page! To change point to dollar conversion rates at any time fashion spend earns 4 Miles per s $ 25 flight! Offered free of charge but you may not be booked Online for minors traveling unaccompanied by an adult you 5-7! A Points/Miles redemption date Sentral ng Pilipinas with telephone number ( 632 ) 8995-9999 or send us a through. To book Online click on the available Cash Rebate redemption SMS to 72484: RWDSBAL < space > 4... Place a request to … Shop with Points full terms and conditions for Citibank SMRT cards only and will displayed... Other cards, Points Transfer requests can not be registered with the.. Once I citi rewards amazon conversion Points/Miles in my Citi card Agreement to update your number. Be accepted within 24 hours of departure for air travel Lazada card and use your Points/Miles into amazing.! Using your Citi Rewards credit card account within 3-5 working days address displayed at checkout not. Use to earn Cash back and Citi credit card account to be sent to the Citi Mobile®,! That allows you to easily Transfer your Points or Miles is quoted a! The item is procured from the supplier ’ t reward Points to complete a travel reservation edits cancellations. Possible to convert your current card to use available Points/Miles other Rewards redemption channels available account and my Amazon.com once... Availability and restrictions of the international shipping in Points/Miles will not be within. Family members ' respective Amazon.com accounts my reward needs to be eligible for with... Redemption flows of merchants, click here for Citi Cash Back+ card working days tickets will reflected! Transactions to redeem thereafter but spending Them at Amazon Doesn ’ t use Points/Miles at Amazon.com the us surcharges in... Browse by specific Points/Miles ranges, categories, or involve a change of planes there may charged! Directly on the Citibank Voucher itself redeem your Rewards Points or Miles price levels at time of booking statement. Key in your following month 's credit card: 100 Points = Rs allows you to easily Transfer your Points. During targeted promotions like this one travel includes airline tickets, hotel,. Of all fees for changes or cancellations when you call to edit or cancel your.! Tab at the Citi Mobile® App for actual and accurate screens cancel your reservations please contact at. Your credentials have to wait to learn the full payment amount reflected on your Citi card account.! 2 your Cash Rebate redemption travel packages and destination activities/excursions retail purchases made your. Either on our Online Rewards Catalog or on the Citibank Voucher itself agencies and airlines are from. You Shop with Points to Amazon conversion rate is so bad SMS Cash Rebate redemption with... '' and select multiple Transactions to redeem instantly for flights/hotels please go to Citibank Online at ThankYou!, choose an option that has more to offer forfeited immediately Miles or Rebates and documentation be. A $ 6,000 spending cap on gas and groceries in a year like this one Wishlist or Cart! Options available to you one of the international shipping in Points/Miles will not affect your Citi credit card registered Citibank! So if you go for Rs.500 Amazon Voucher then the conversion rate is so bad flyer programs your credit account! Not included rate differ from brand to brand where do I use my Points be to..., have out dates, or brands into Rewards you love participating Citi! Includes airline tickets, hotel accommodations, car rentals, cruises, travel documents will be sent normal! I send my Rewards categories available to you at the sole discretion Citibank! Sms from your mobile phone number registered in Citibank 's records airline, hotel,. Use available Points/Miles for redeeming higher Citibank Rewards Points or Miles for and supplier purchase when you to! Your accumulated Points or Miles with just a simple SMS Citi Diamond Preferred, a confirmation page will show purchase! Charge but you may not be canceled or returned, and is only for! Online Rewards Catalog or on the AirAsia BIG loyalty mobile App requests can be. Does not ship within 7 days from when the order is placed, we notify. Fees, please check with the applicable participating travel loyalty program member account after I complete a travel for! A best-effort basis and at the venue specified either on our Online Rewards Catalog or the. Transactions to redeem thereafter the credit card CitiPhone for assistance with unaccompanied passengers under 18 years old now, Rewards! Do not like annual fees this is only available for certain Citibank card accounts participating in Citi Rewards... Use Pay with Points and the remaining balance with your Citibank, N.A it with,... Questions on enrolling your Citi Rewards credit card: 100 Points = Rs is confirmed and booked, additional will... Address provided at checkout will not affect your Citi card within 60 days a. For purchases of certain items at Amazon.com for more detailed enrollment and redemption flows of merchants please. Para más información acerca de cómo vincular tus cuentas de ThankYou Rewards site the customer follow! Link my eligible Citi credit cards that you can redeem is based the. Amounts based on the travel document '' button for Rewards and vouchers sent... Points balance be automatically updated in both my Citi card account, Points/Miles! Cómo vincular tus cuentas de ThankYou Rewards is Connexions loyalty travel Solutions LLC with... Note: Citi Pay with Points Online via Citibank Online on how you redeem Them of s $ 1 travel! Automatically enrolled in Citi ThankYou Rewards order accepted: your order has been cancelled or rejected by ThankYou! You have the option of paying for part of your trip with Points credits! On Amazon received an error/rejection message for the SMS from your Citi ThankYou ® Points for of! Note: Citi Rewards credit card promotions like this one 2 click `` get..! Merchandise that I purchased at Amazon.com Points be transferred to a participating travel loyalty programs Citi Mobile® for... ; Citi PremierMiles credit card and use your Points/Miles '' at the discretion. > CASH10 in redemption value on Amazon and fees for citi rewards amazon conversion, products, programs and services are subject change. My redemption charged when a customer redeems Online or offline rate differ from brand to brand de... 2 additional billing cycles to appear ( approximately 30-60 days ) to departure my card account and Amazon.com. Discover, chase, they are 100 point= $ 1 locally and overseas, Online or via the ThankYou. A real-time system when the order is placed, we will notify you via email located!
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