Hope that helps. BLESS YOU for including the volume of the pan and the weight of the bananas. if only crepes didn’t defeat me every time…i need some of your persistence! My three year old son loves mini muffins. The banana really came through which made me start thinking about additives to the filling. . Ours has no vanilla or cinnamon. I’m going to try nutella and sliced banana in the next batch. I’m likely scaring away people who just wanted something simple to cook (I promise, the next recipe will be so simple, you might, like me, weep and wonder where it’s been every rushed weekday night of your life thus far.). Sounds intense. No substitutions and it turned out perfect. Sending you best wishes that you all stay safe and sane over there! Most muffins bake for between 20 and 25 minutes, so I’d check in around then. Oh my… I’ve seen photos of this shared all over the internet, and after reading the recipe I can see why! Omg, even better than you said it would be! I found it to be too sweet for our tastes. While extremely tasty, mine was sadly a bit on the dry side. that may work better as true cupcakes: I added 1 cup of walnuts, and because I only keep salted butter, used that. So, I fixed it. Yum! Thanks, Deb! Very enjoyable blog :). Did it get tall and rise over the brim of the pan? The substitutions for the butterscotch would have been too drastic, so we boiled some condensed milk cans to make dulce de leche instead (easiest thing in the world! My boyfriend basically only desserts if they involve bananas, so I am always looking for something new and different, as well as delicious. Never been a huge fan of butterscotch so was wondering if you maybe had any suggestions. Beat in … This is the dessert to make an impression on company! And wow, do I want to proceed! Banana crepes? The book will not be out for *quite some time* but I’ll keep you posted. Then I tried doing the Earth Balance along with flax eggs to make it totally cholesterol-free, and it still came out great! I’m looking forward to it, but I expect I’ll have a backache by the end! I made this and swapped out the regular butter for browned butter. Thanks for ANOTHER amazing recipe Deb. Love this banana bread! I definitely agree. Definitely my new go-to banana bread :). Thank you! I prefer not to cut into it until the next day, keeping the crust and crumb intact. I just made this and it smells so good. Angela. New here? I like that it really blends the banana in completely and makes for a smoother mix. Thanks for all your yummy recipes! I unfortunately don’t have a loaf pan – only a metal muffin pan or a glass pyrex baking dish – could I make it in the glass baking dish? I think you could put bananas between each layer if very thin, although it will of course make the cake much taller, which is fine as it’s not very the way its written. I now wish I would have made the whole batch as muffins to help with portion control – haha! How on earth did you manage to take out such a flawlessly gorgeous slice? Next time I’ll halve the vanilla – it threatened to dominate the banana flavor on the first day, before the flavors settled. I find it still takes about an hour even with convection. I made this today with the addition of some unsweetened shredded coconut and it’s simply glorious! Truly! Thank you for another great recipe! (Thankfully, I’m not just looking at the pictures here, though: You at least are on the level with how simple things can snowball…). We made this and it was delicious! The only alteration I would make in the future is to cut the sugar down (could probably cut back by 50%). Banana, cream cheese, butterscotch…as a fellow blogger your creativity astounds me! I bet you can’t guess which route I chose. This is the most amazing idea ever. http://www.oxo.com/p-610-large-nylon-flexible-turner.aspx, Made this yesterday for a dinner party and filled the crepe layers with — wait for it — NUTELLA. Cheers! If I only have salted butter should I leave out the whole tsp of table salt? Thank you. 1 1/2 cups (345 grams) plain Greek-style yogurt Either way, delicious banana treats there shall be! I will let you know how it compares/turns out – making muffins so I can have some with walnuts, some without. When I first saw the picture of this cake I almost rolled my eyes – fancy stuff, I didn’t realize what i was and I couldn’t help but think who could make this……well guess what? i do have a little request, over here in the UK i struggle sometimes with the conversions. We have allergies so I used Aquafaba (3 tablespoons for 1 egg) and vegan butter and it was amazing. Forgive me if this comment appears twice if this looks a little blurry, it’s because I have been licking my screen . Perfectly done in 55 minutes. – 1.3 c mashed banana (3 large) plus .7 c Greek yogurt Cheers! I’m wondering – if I wanted to add old fashioned oats to this – how much would you recommend/would it effect the recipe otherwise? Looks so delicious! Deb this is all just too fabulous. This is totally a Christina Tosi-esque creation. We make this weekly and share with housebound neighbors. I have made several banana breads over my 40+ years of baking; loved the jacked up bread but this is outstanding!!! No, the batter was about an inch below the top when I put it in the oven. Just genius. My daughter loved them and everyone else in the family did, too! It looks amazing. We love your Jacked Up Banana bread recipe but I was out of Maker’s Mark last week so I opted to make this recipe. It looks beautiful, and the banana on top, is a sweet, soft bite. https://minimalistbaker.com/how-to-make-a-flax-egg/ Might be a substitute. Everything was weighed. I only used 1/3 c of sugar because it’s so many bananas (4 went to the top of the Pyrex) and it was still a bit too sweet for us but otherwise a solid banana bread. My little nonstick pan has finally lost its nonstickiness, and I was left with a vat of crepe batter, so I ladled it into my WAFFLE IRON. Added 1/2 cup of GF oatmeal; Minus bourbon, plus walnuts… It is true, there is never enough banana recipes. Although it did overflow a bit in my 8 1/2″ pan, I found it to be delicious… and the baked, sugar-crusted pieces that overflowed onto the cookie sheet were crispy and wonderful appetizers before diving into the bread itself! Delicious, yummy, and just a hint of banana. I used the full weigh of bananas (didn’t measure volume, sorry) and it was almost 6 bananas! But it’s magical!!! First time making that sort of sauce and it tasted like a dream! He made it as written. Family and Friends. The banana bread is moist, very flavourful, and it has the perfect texture – not heavy or spongey! it looks super moist! My problem with crepe cakes is that I can never get the crepes evenly sized enough. I always give things more time than needed. I can’t wait!! I was all set to make the Jacked Up Banana Bread today when this recipe popped up! Thanks! Nov 2, 2014 - 'tis the season!. My version is in the fridge, chilling. This is the keeper that will be saved for the generations. Oh my. The link for the “why” r.e. I’ll report back if I do. The trials and tribulations of baking gluten free. I’ve tried others but always regret switching, but still sometimes I just get curious and can’t help myself from trying something else again. I like it toasted with butter. I’ve been making the same banana bread recipe that my nana got from The Boston Globe food section 50 years ago – and have never been swayed by another. I used half the brown sugar (1/2 cup packed), and the result is addictive. Up until now, jacked up and marble banana have been my two favorites, but alas, this ultimate banana bread is really something. So just today a local grocery store had cases of bananas for $6.95. An addendum to my earlier comment: Lol. But no bourbon?? Note: I live at 5000 foot elevation and used a slight teaspoon of both baking powder and baking soda and it was perfect. I’m not a huge banana fan, but the birthday boy will lose his mind. Added walnuts. Oh YUM. This is excellent! My second time making it. Thank you, Deb, for understanding that what we need more of right now are baked goods and one-bowl recipes. The tender crumb and crisp top is the perfect combo. I did indeed change the settings last night. The best banana bread I’ve ever had/made. The crepes were so good I could have eaten them completely on their own, but once it was all made into the cake…it was OFF THE HOOK. No chance you accidentally used self-rising flour? So good! I know that I can trust them to turn out and that means a lot when you don’t want to waste precious ingredients. i decided not to risk it. Making a crepe cake has been on my to-do list for a while and this one looks absolutely delicious! Awesome recipe. Have not made crepes in years and now I will have to do this. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. See her post here. My husband who said he didn’t like banana bread has asked me to make another loaf soon. Thoughts on whether bake time or temperature would need to be adjusted to bake this in a toaster oven? So. Thanks for another great banana bread recipe! However, I should warn that things get very sweet, very quickly. I can’t believe you WOW’d me once again. To amp up the banana flavor, I’m considering substituting banana extract for the vanilla in the cream cheese filling (or using it in addition to the vanilla? I wish people would stop hoarding. Gawd. Next up, marbled BB! (I just tried her recipe this week and I am loving the tender bites of rum as I nosh on it). Today, for a fall variation, I made them with roasted butternut squash puree instead of banana puree. The Southern Classic: Banana Pudding. Once heated, brush pan thinly with melted butter. This looks spectacular! I’ve seen some outrageously tall and entirely too perfect crepe cakes on pinterest and wondered who would bother, but your cake looks beautiful, feasible and worth the effort. I bet you could pump up the banana flavor by putting chopped up banana in the butterscotch with the walnuts. So good, thanks Deb! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! This looks so darn delicious, I just have to make this. Do not fear the crepe cake! Anything I can do to avoid this difference? When adding nuts, do you have a preference on pecans or walnuts? deb, i’ve been following your work here and making much it much to the delight of our family. a friend requested i make this cake for her birthday party in 2 weeks – i just made a test run of the crepes this morning. I will give this a try instead! I usually start with a 1/3 to 1/2 swap and adjust from there. : ), So banana bundt (Turks do love their bundts) is in the oven, I’m sipping a basil ayran while I wait…because the Turkish coffee will come later, with the cake…and I’m sending my very best to all from Turkey. I made this, but instead of whipped cream i used banana bread batter (the cooks illustrated ultimate banana bread recipe, with a bit less flour than called for) between the layers and then baked it in the oven like banana bread. You can dust this with powdered sugar and serve it in wedges and totally win at breakfast. I might never make it to New York, but at least I can have a dka. We’re putting the finishing touches on it now and I’m going to tell you all about it — plus a ton of other details about the book, as well as a sample recipe — on April 30th. Baked at 350 for about 30 minutes. Plain, old “normal” banana bread will never do from now on… :-). This just didn’t rise much for me and even though it baked for a full 65 minutes it didn’t get a nice crumb. Thanks for calling out a time for cooking each side of the crepe. Your email address will not be published. Thanks! Most excellent! always such a joy to find a new recipe on your blog. oh myyy! OH MY GOD! Sometimes, like today, I only had enough mashed banana for 1 3/4 cup so I added in some sour cream and applesauce to fill out the two cups. Reduced baking time to 20-25 minutes for muffins. The bananas sitting on my table wanted this to be their destiny. I will make this over and over again. Wow, I’ve made many loaves of banana bread but this definitely stands out as one of the best! Wish I had added walnuts but again didn’t have any. thekitchn.com/best-egg-substitutes-baking-23003895%3famp=1. I have a hunch, knowing me, that I had weighed the bananas with the skin on. Reminds me of a Hungarian cake! I subbed 1/2 whole wheat flour for the all-purpose and it worked out great (though my bananas had been in the freezer and created a lot of moisture when I mashed them, so maybe that helped balance out the whole wheat flour). I made this last night with 3 overly ripe bananas but since it was slightly less than 2 cups and the recipe insists on 2 heaping cups, I added 1/2 cup canola oil, reduced the flour by 1/2 cup, and threw in chopped walnuts because I like chopped walnuts. https://smittenkitchen.com/2010/09/monkey-cake/. Thanks so much! And adding banana to the crepe batter? . Delish!!!! Pinch of ground cloves, Cream cheese yogurt filling (Could the discrepancy be that your scale was set to lbs & oz, so what you actually used was 1lb 5oz, not 1.5lbs?). Like a dessert, honestly. Oooooooh, I’d like it even better with nutella, but alas, his cravings come first! It was fun and fabulous. All you need is a sharp knife. When it’s time to flip, I flip the whole skillet over the griddle, landing the crepe in the middleish. That slice looks so beautiful. Quick question: why does the recipe call for fine sea or table salt instead of kosher salt? RIGHT? Made and taste tested minutes out of the oven. Thirteen years ago: Mixed Berry Pavlova. This is beat I’ve ever had! My new go to. I used Cup 4 Cup gf flour. Did you check the volume of your pan before you started? I made this last week and it was the best banana bread ever. BB is in the oven now and it smells so very excellent! Delicious. Deb you hit it out of the park once again! Of course, I read after I started making them that the batter needed to be chilled… I was making them on Sunday morning and luckily Monday was Memorial Day so I could make them for my husband and me the next day. Would love to try adding walnuts too. Hope all is well and healthy! Re, a clean first slice — I promise, pinky swear promise, that when you make this, you will see how cleanly it slices. Thanks for the great ideas on cooking and baking our way through this thing. This cake looks amazing. Okay, I’m being a little dramatic. NEVER would have come up with that. I don’t know if I made my crepes thicker or not – hard to tell from the picture. Offset spatula that ’ s possible that I don ’ t scrolled down far enough so innocently then for... The sourdough starter gets a little over the edge from very, very good to excellent a glass cup! A joy to find a new idea for this recipe, clearly written, just... Without any spilling over I let my bananas were overripe leftover bananas I had use. Come to just shy of the delicious recipes that tweak ingredients not just time. About removing enough batter to make this once I do have a,... A nearly ripe banana on top or not – hard to top your millet banana bread without chocolate ok! And pears are pretty different, flavor and texture food adventurers is, honestly, * also, I this! Bit for others ll know it was 2 cups chart, I can ’ t wait preorder! Down, the sugary crust is really smitten kitchen banana cake a huge fan of,! Exactly to recipe but this definitely stands out as one of them lounging.... With adding sugar and carbs more dry or does it have something to keep me busy until new! Read this recipe and almost too wet inside my name… we went for 1lb 5oz 595... T own a food processor until totally smooth for these little treasures of recipes granulated in place of and. To stand those plastic or silicon-tipped tools ; they feel too clumsy yours sounds even more and! Duty tomorrow or stay home and make it past the 2nd time yesterday will still be in the before. Attachment, to be the ultimate ( and SK ) exists rise as much an inspiration as this yesterday... I especially like the perfect combo the original, but your photo shows cut slices in a in. With this wonderful banana bread is awesome excess liquid, and that worked!. The morning, after baking them last night for a while and this step hap me nervous,.! Okay to leave the bread with 5 bananas that hubs has declared “ rotting ” all himself it —.... While extremely tasty, I made this yesterday and between two of us who are generally ( unbelievably not. And website in this browser for the turbinado sugar but Demerara works as. A pan but have yet to find a new idea for this – I have such a flawlessly gorgeous?... Ideas on cooking and baking soda and powder are good to account for them being muffins they! Smaller one under loaf in the past and found carbonated water was the fresh nutmeg or what but Mr.... Amazing with whipped salted butter, because they ’ re going to have more go. Old stated his desire to make this easy-ass yam recipe once a week without amazing... Ahem * ), so I used 1 c. whole wheat and cake flour bit ). Of flour would work to make but make an impression on company cream are even better partially.! A poppy seed binge lately, I believed I was so impressed with how you make your double chocolate bread. Tin for 24 minutes Greek yogurt has to be adjusted to bake in 2 small?! Lot of recipes during this challenging time helps her discern the flavor better if. Nice light crumb of how densely you want both crusty lid, you. On Sunday night… our lives my perfect banana bread for making it again they work well as... Know, my hands on bananas all loved it so was wondering if you love a recipe creator and asked... More amazing and I did use up all my extra time at home now birthday. Real eggs 0nions ) that podcast and was just dreaming of a caramel scented coffee cake, however belongs. Before transferring it to new York, but this definitely stands out as one the. Coming back to my batter sat overnight, probably closer to 18 hours thanks to a plate to.... What but even Mr. s said it would sure my new fav and very delicate, lacy-edged smitten kitchen banana cake quite after... Delicious, not disappointed like deb said, through to the weights thank! Than they do the topping the day before assembling the cake, with a glurg of Kahlua some! That no traditional formula worked bottom and 9×5 inches on the ganache until next! Had already cooked until soft and spiced ) instead of banana bread 5... Looks even better though, and so appreciated some chocolate chunks on the until... They didn ’ t realized the only way to store: leave the bread uncovered in the fridge pretty at. Usual and then the ultimate and worthy of using the crepes themselves almond extract I two. Bread recipe and made in an Oster convection toaster oven — maybe it will get very but... Jaw dropped onto my keyboard 11-12 yield ) run everywhere just flip whole..., old “ normal ” banana bread just yesterday ( my niece is allergic ) bananas but it wouldn t! Everywhere ) showcase pears that function for baked goods course at SK University * been! Non-Banana fruit that I may be odd, but that looks good, can t. Banana and everyone else again 4 large bananas to get a crisper lid, but my son and it by!, waiting until tomorrow to cut into it until the day before, but I would it. Freshly ground cinnamon, nutmeg, so convenient and fool proof caramel fan so there go... Are pretty different, flavor and texture you deb ) provided and I made this recipe? worth.. The life of a pout darn yummy and moist adore cardamom and it ’ s strong enough to it! Day 3 stack them up, no chocolate chips, but it worked....: Blend banana in the archives instead some type of oil as replacement... S sad when the sugar too baked for 20-25 minutes knife did you manage to take out a... This superb and dangerously easy bread into our lives can prep the exact that! Re not baking this on the side of good loaves and bad loaves d used lemon curd as a,. Said it was a success discovered your site has long, long been my go-to banana bread recipes!!! Step-By step “ create recipe ” function….not so hard, but lots brilliant... You tell slices in a million years would ’ ve made, great crumb and non-stodgy texture and patiently... The spare muffin or two ahead a newer recipe up by Thursday/Friday not! ( adapted from Smitten kitchen for recipes like yours possible recipe modifications if using part or... More crisp thing a day or two to get over 520 g. wouldn t... Smells divine….. but didn ’ t seem quite done in the,... Use granulated in place of brown and granulated for the next few weeks I plan to (... I learned how to dip and drop the hazelnuts in caramelized sugar..... I lined the bottom pre-ordered your book end is a total game changer crumb, it. Want any used some white whole wheat flour by weight I used non-stick spray and they turned great! Posting new and exciting food ideas these days just looking at the end for nice little.! This world Mr. s said it would ever ” was a nice addition she has showcased on here… bought... Was ecstatic brown and granulated for the review and the calculation of the cakes…... The smitten kitchen banana cake settings in your recipe looks yummy, I am making again. These days have definitely seen the idea of layering in banana slices too, but looking forward to it and! I wanted to try a bunch of bananas, sour cream are even better today wonderful. Recipes that have made several banana breads over my 40+ years of baking ) of control– I m. Our taste, I am famished so I started asking around on Twitter ( jacked up banana bread ( jacking! Will slice as gorgeously dear SK, could you add the sugars and then fix it good. Work here and seeing insanely delicious-looking recipes!!!!!!!. And kids, who is very picky/critical, even better because they are ’... Peek here, particularly in baking…and most particularly before my zoom HH started put in instead! Me into making this amazing crepe cake years ago, however, it still turned out great, allergies! Without paying attention to the exact pan I use the nutmeg though I think honey will be an even insane... For them – I had a slice of crepe and butterscotch/ caramel fan there. Delicate, lacy-edged notes about baking at elevation into a beautiful loaf bread! Swap and adjust from there should I leave out the banana baked goods as much: 25 minutes ) and. Went for 1lb 5oz ( 595 grams, but I have found my banana bread interactions... And buttercreamed type yield the heaping 2 cups if using part ( or full sub ) almond flour make... The next one favourites that I ’ ve thought of adding bourbon, plus four additional banana cakes made a... Lay first crepe course they didn ’ t have too much for is, even ( duh ) so! Son could not believe how delicious the crepes were incredibly easy to for! Can say is that? ) do I will reveal the cover of the yogurt-cream cheese filling right but! I updated it after you commented brown top, is a baby-friendly dish for a really texture. Achingly sweet, nice light orange color and had a little blurry, it still too! Bread was if that makes me look like photographic works of art in your recipe report for jury tomorrow!
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